The Rat Catcher

Book 1, The Hugo August Detective Series

THE RAT CATCHER, Book 1 of the Hugo August Detective Series
The body in the attic sits in a rocking chair, her back arched and her teeth bared in a gruesome death grin. Hugo has only been on the force for two months. This is his first murder case. Who would poison the seventy-six-year old matriarch of one of Mobile’s oldest families? 

Trouble in Paradise

We find our witty feline detective in Paradise—Key West to be exact. Once again, our traveling sleuth has landed in the midst of a mystery. This Cumberbatch-like detective (Trouble)… is fascinated by the legendary six-toed (or is it seven?) Hemingway cats roaming the island. His efforts to communicate with them and even to understand them is both fun and funny!

The mystery is complex… And there are characters here who are laugh out loud funny; the ex-wife was a hoot! But the best part of the book for me is the way Key West life is interwoven into the story.”

                                                            Donna TownsendTrouble in Paradise cover

Dead in Paradise…

Key West is paradise–unless you’re the dead woman in the Toucan Suite. The Hemingway cats, Megs and Bartholomew, who wander the grounds of the B&B, think Liberty Anderson was a spy. But spying on whom? And why? Trouble, the black cat detective, must decipher their cryptic communications and piece together a motive for murder.


Merry Christmas!

In this Christmas story, the No. 1 black cat detective is in Turnout, MS where everyone in the small town is anticipating the annual Christmas party at Bubba Bailey’s, a stalwart of the community and the owner of Bubba Bailey’s Used Cars. Also home on leave from the Marines is Teddy, Billie Dean Bailey’s high school heart breaker. Of course, it wouldn’t be a true tale of daring-do without a dead body. Here’s a little gift to you in the form of a short story starring Trouble, the Sherlock of black detectives. It’s a free e-reader download until Dec. 31.

trouble under the mistletoe final


Road’s End

Road’s End is an historical novel about the lives of three generations of the Carroll women. Helen Fitzgerald’s life changes when a a dark, handsome Fenian enters her sphere. Her daughter and granddaughter each face a similar crisis when they are all confronted with a choice between the good man they love and the exciting stranger among them. It is a story that takes the reader from the South of 1900 America to the brink of WWII. It is a tale of dark secrets, passion, and damning consequences.


Trouble in Dixie

“Trouble rates right up there with
Midnight Louie and Joe Gray. He’s an extraordinary
detective!!! Great mystery, great author!!!!”

                                                                 Kindle Customer

trouble in dixie finalMeet Trouble, a black cat who always seems to be right where he’s needed when foul deeds occur.

Savannah, Georgia is simmering in the early autumn heat as valuable art seems to vanish into thin air and people disappear. Southern society takes it all in stride as only old blood will do with the exception of the Hamptons. Julia Hampton’s father finds her dabbling as a private detective unacceptable and dangerous. And he’s right; it is dangerous.

U.S. Marshal Mitch Lawson doesn’t help matters as he keeps secrets and loses his heart. But never fear. With the help of octogenarian Aunt Ethel and her ancient charioteer, Trouble will ride to the rescue. Trouble in Dixie, available at Amazon.

Moments With Eugene…a collection of memories

Moments With Eugene


Praise for Moments With Eugene, a collection of memories…

“As a food writer, I once interviewed Eugene Walter over the phone. Oh, how I wish I had met this extraordinary bon vivant. This book and other writings about him and by him is the next best thing. A treasure trove of good stories.”  Sylvia Carter

“I had read some of Mr. Walter’s whimsical poetry some years back, but until I discovered this collection, I never knew just how talented and versatile the man truly was! This was an incredible collection of essays, stories, and everyday remembrances written by an amazingly talented and diverse group of writers such as Pat Conroy, Charles McNair, and British author Virginia Adair. I thoroughly enjoyed the book.” 

Unnamed Amazon reviewer